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How do I place an Order?

  • To place an order you can fill out the enquiry form. Adding in as much detail as possible will help me make this process nice and simple. Or you can buy pre-designed set from the shop page when available. 

How much notice do you need?

  • As much notice as possible. It is never too early to place an order. A minimum two weeks notice is greatly appreciated, however short notice can be accepted with a rush fee. All orders depend on availability.  

How long do cookies last once received?

  • All of my cookies are baked fresh by me, they are decorated and heat sealed, this gives them a shelf life of 8 weeks. If your cookies are gift boxed they will have displayed "Best before" date so the recipient has this information.

Where are you located? Do you post cookies?

  • I'm located North-side Brisbane, Caboolture.

  • I do offer local delivery and delivery to North-side of Brisbane for a small fee.

  • Post is available through Australia Post Express Post only - unfortunately with postage a small number of breakages happen, whilst I take a lot of care in packaging to eliminate breakages, they do happen and I do not take responsibility once they have left my premise. I recommend ordering surplus to allow for this.

What flavours do you offer?

I have several permanent flavours and special occasion flavours added from time to time.

  • Vanilla – my vanilla sugar cookie uses real vanilla bean, and is iced with a delicious marshmallow royal icing.

  • Chocolate – chocolate fudge brownie rolled into a cookie, this is topped with my deliciously sweet marshmallow royal icing  

  • Gluten friendly options are available - whilst all care is taken and every item required to process the order is thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to commencement of your order, there is still a small risk of cross contamination.

When is payment due?

  • If buying pre-designed cookies payment is due at checkout.

  • If you are getting custom ordered cookies, an email will be sent to notify you that your order is now available to be purchased online, you will receive a link that will take you to a purchase page with your order ready for purchasing. Payment will then be required at checkout. 

How much are your cookies?

Cookies are priced differently based on various factors (size, shape, if they need to be hand cut, how many colours, or complexity of designs etc).

To give you a idea here’s a guide:

Royal Iced Cookies

Mini Sizing (approx 5cm at widest point)
Basic - $5.50
Detailed - $6.50-$7.50
Elaborate / Characters $7.50+

Standard Sizing (approx 8cm at widest point)
Basic - $6.50
Detailed - $7.50-$8.80
Elaborate / Characters $8.00+

Paint Your Own Cookies (a large cookie with paint palette and brush)
Pre-Made Design - $9.50


Custom made cookies to suit any occasion

Thanks for subscribing!

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